Viagra (sildenafil) is most popularly prescribed to address erectile dysfunction, likewise understood as male impotence. This disorder has an effect on a number of thousands of guys in the world - and the number is increasing as a result of the weakening eco-friendly situation and modifications in the way of lives. Taking other medications together with Viagra is not advised as harmful drug communications are likely to happen. Make certain you keep this medicine out of the reach of children and other individuals to whom it was not suggested. , if you have overlooked to take Viagra do not take a double dosage as this might make it less efficient or alter its effects.


Although major negative side effects are extremely uncommon, the most usual ones include priapism and unexpected eyesight reduction. Priapism is a long term and unpleasant erection that may be connected to taking this medicine and could result in the long-term damages to the tissues of the penis. It's not specifically clear whether another significant negative effects - sudden eyesight loss - is attributed to taking Viagra, as there are a variety of aspects that boost the likelihood of establishing this symptom. Frequently it is experienced by people older compared to 50, cigarette smokers, as well as those identified with hypertension, higher cholesterol levels and diabetic issues.

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